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Jay Leiderman

Jay Leiderman

Oh no!  Can this possibly be true, that a well-respected lawyer who bills himself as the Hacktivist’s Advocate really, in fact, be a typical lying sack of shit lawyer?  Say it isn’t true, BV Files!

We report you decide

So here is the claim made by Ventura, CA based attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman in a federal lawsuit he filed on behalf of serial resume fraudster James McGibney (who we don’t like).

Amended Complaint -- McGibney v The Internets pg 1

Medal claim in federal lawsuit


McGibney made the exact same claim here to Bloomberg-Business Week, too.

Bloomberg Navy Medal


So is this claim true or not true?

McGibney DD214McGibney Navy Achievement medal

We don’t know about you guys, but we here at the BV Files looked pretty darn long and hard at McGibney’s military records, yet we still cannot find anything that mentions him getting the Navy Achievement Medal for providing computer security to 128 US embassies.

If you click on the award above you can read it better.  That award was simply for being able to rearrange the training schedule for the school McGibney was assigned to (he worked as a secretary in the administration office) during a period of bad weather while his boss was out sick or on vacation.  It had absolutely NOTHING to do with providing computer security to US embassies.  He was the school secretary.  Period.



McGibney’s Marine Corps MOS was 0151, which is an Administrative Clerk or, more specifically, the unit secretary.

Clerk MOS

McStupid made these exact same lies while under oath in a Santa Clara County Superior Courtroom just a couple of months ago. You can read the full article about it right here by clicking on the colored link=======>  James McGibney Commits Felony Perjury!

The Public Integrity Unit of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is, in fact, investigating the matter.

We wonder what US District Court Judge Beth Freeman of the San Jose Division will think once she reads this.  She is, after all, the judge assigned to hear McGibney’s newest and bestest LOLsuit.

If McGibney is willing to lie about basic stuff like this, why should we believe anything else this piece of human garbage has to say?  How can we, and, more importantly, a jury believe anything he says about anyone or anything?





To all you McGibney Gang disciples, here’s a little clue for you retards:  The San Jose TRO Judge specifically REFUSED to make any of the findings about who does or does not run this blog, as well as the rest of that 25 pages of crap (i.e. Additional Proposed Orders) that Leiderman tried to present to the judge, the Hon. Socrates Manoukian, to sign.  So stop with the lying.  Seriously.  You people are pathetic.  The judge made absolutely NO FINDINGS about who runs this blog, whether or not its defamation, or who was behind the “death threats” or even whether or not Thomas is a “bad guy” who said “mean things” on the interwebs to random people.  Nor did the judge make any determination whatsoever about whether McGibney is a True American Hero who does not run a revenge porn website, etc. etc.