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We just received the most amazing news!  OMG  OMG  OMG  FAP  FAP  FAP


As a result of McGibney getting his workplace violence injunction yesterday Cheaterville & Bullyville websites have suddenly been FLOODED with all kinds of new advertisers.  Becca Tobin and DJ Whats-his-face have all made public announcements saying that James McGibney (who we don’t like) walks on water and is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Money is just pouring into ViaView as potential investors are forced to stand in line outside of McStupid’s San Jose rental home to await their turn before the Sheriff of the Internets!

Oh, and another special announcement is that Twitter has decided to reinstate ALL of McStupid’s previously banned twitter accounts saying it was a mistake they banned  @BullyVille and the other seven accounts due to stalking and abusive behavior by McGibney.

And, lastly, guess what?  We suddenly decided that we really do care about TROs and other court orders and we promise to never ever violate any of them whatsoever so some judge in a small town way far away in another state doesn’t get all mad and stuff.




In your dreams, McStupid.  Your court orders still don’t mean shit especially since there is no one who can enforce them.  Contempt of court only works WITHIN the state (except in matters involving child support or child custody).  The taxpayers of Santa Clara County aren’t going to foot the bill for your BS.  But you are welcome to try.  Seriously.  If you can’t even save yourself, what makes you think you can save other people?

By the way, we’re still laughing about how you try to spin a group issued certificate of merit into some kind of personal award for providing computer security to all US embassies worldwide.  You were a fucking clerk, nimrod!  You provided secretary work to guys who were actually doing computer work and the whole lot of you got a unit issued certificate from your CO.



Special Update


Well have we have breaking news from San Jose, CA.

McGibney got himself a restraining order against some random guy who lives thousands of miles away from McGibney to keep him from killing McGibney or his family.  Not quite sure why McGibney felt it was necessary since Thomas testified to the fact that (1) he never sent McStupid any death threats and (2) never had any intention at all of harming McStupid or his family.

At the end of the hearing Leiderman claimed this case has cost McGibney $15,000 or so in legal fees.  As soon as someone gets a copy of the invoice we’ll post it here so you all can enjoy the lulz.  But that begs the question, how much will it cost Leiderman to come to Arizona to defend against his case there?  And what happens if Thomas goes and applies for his own restraining order in Arizona (which has a similar procedure as California)?  How much will it cost McGibney to avoid getting a restraining order on him in Arizona?

And how much will it cost McGibney to defend all the potential lawsuits in the future that Thomas might or might not decide to file against him and ViaView?


If fighting a stupid little TRO case in your hometown of San Jose, CA cost you over 15 grand, McGibney, who much will it cost you to fight all these other cases wayyyy across the country?

Thomas’s attorney, a very bright and hard working lady – and her entire law firm – showed up to fight the good fight.  Eight hours in court today, from 9 am to 5pm.





Leiderman tried his best to get the judge to sign all sorts of wild and crazy orders, but the judge wasn’t buying it.  All McGibney got was the standard Workplace Violence injunction that everybody else gets.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And we’re okay with that because nobody here ever had any intentions of causing him any physical harm.

The fight was fought by someone who wanted to make sure that we could stay in business and so you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters could continue to see and hear the Truth, and to exercise your rights to free speech and talk about McStupid and his revenge porn / blackmail company ViaView as much as you want to.  Stolen Valor anyone?  FAKE Chadwick “degree” and FALSE Harvard claims?


According to Thomas’ attorney, who spent literally EIGHT SOLID HOURS in court all day today with nary a break, the judge denied the motion to quash for lack of personal jurisdiction and denied the anti-SLAPP motion.  The judge also committed some other errors that will be useful grounds for an appeal.  As soon as we get the docs we’ll post them here for you all to read and enjoy!



The judge, who himself is a victim of McGibney-style dirty tricks, was very upset and issued a very stern order against BOTH McGibney and Leiderman – so they have been put on Notice!!

As soon as we get a copy of the court reporter’s transcript we will post that as well.


One thing y’all got to remember – the TRO procedure is very much a summary proceeding.  Santa Clara County has never before seen a case like this that was fought as hard as this one was fought.  The procedure is solely designed to prevent violence or potential violence.  And that really was all the judge was concerned with today.  In this day and age of “better safe than sorry”, making an injunction in a case like this is a relatively easy decision.  After all, both parties live thousands of miles away, so contact between them is extremely unlikely anyways.  Its not like two neighbors bumping elbows every day.  So ordering one man to stay away from another man who is a thousand miles away or more doesn’t really mean much, does it?

Yet it cost McStupid over $15,000 and is likely to set off a chain of litigation that will cost him into the hundreds of thousands of dollars now that he poked a bear with a stick.


Oh, and one neat thing – Thomas didn’t even have to travel to San Jose.  He got to appear in court via Skype from his home while sitting in a very comfortable chair with a cool drink nearby.  Does he still look fat, McGibney?  Guess that $50,000 that TR spent on his weight loss surgery was money well spent, eh?  Oh, but he’s supposed to be some sort of broke dick ex-con with no money, right? Yet he hired out an entire law firm for one solid day of sitting in court for 8 hours straight, not to mention all the prep time leading up to the case.  All over a stupid little TRO from some small town in California.


One little bit of lulz was that Thomas himself got to engage in some direct questioning of McGibney.  Oh you should have seen McStupid squirm when he was questioned about his FAKE educational credentials.  And we now know the Truth about his Marine Corps “cyber-security” claims, and its even more lame then was previously suspected.

McGibney just got himself a very small taste of what to expect when he gets into Federal court and gets examined.


Speaking of money well spent, Thomas already had his attorney file Notice of Appeal today with the trial court.  Thus, while the case is on appeal, the restraining order is on hold and stayed once Thomas posts his $10,000 appeal bond this week (which only costs him about $200 in cash).


Let me repeat this for all the retards out there:  Thomas already had his attorney file Notice of Appeal today with the trial court.  Thus, while the case is on appeal, the restraining order is on hold and stayed

Fake Court Papers Again?  Oh no!

Order is stayed while on appeal?!?  WTF did I spend all this money for then?


Leiderman claimed it would cost him another $15,000 to represent McGibney on appeal.  Oh, well.  I guess the cost for taking down a post on Cheaterville will be going up soon!




One important thing is that you all need to know that YOUR information was kept safe.  No subpoena for WordPress logs or IPs was ever granted.  No one got any of the log in information from this site.  No one got the IP information on any of the visitors or posters.  That is another reason why this case was fought today at such very great expense by yet another friend of the BV Files.  We take out hats off to all of those who have put up the cash and fought the good fight both in California and in Texas.