We have some breaking news to report here:  In yet another startling development in a case filled with them, the second judge assigned to this case, Judge Richie, officially recused herself and is off the case.  According to sources close to the investigation (which consist primarily of the voices in our head), Judge Richie apparently has a very unfavorable impression of James McGibney such that she is prejudiced against him.  So in an effort to do the right thing, she backed out of the case last Wednesday or Thursday.

A new, third judge, has now been assigned to the case.  It is unknown what this will do with regards to the July 29th trial date.  But as this new judge already has trials and stuff scheduled for that date, the case  is likely to be continued for a while.


#TickTock McGibney

Plus, there is the matter of the pending anti-SLAPP motion that will need to be worked out, first, even before the TRO case can be heard.

Additionally, we were told that evidence of perjury allegedly committed by James McGibney during one of the prior court hearings was presented to this third new judge for examination and the judge has already personally looked over the documents.  It is evidence involving McGibney’s Stolen Valor claims and alleged court perjury that we reported to you here first about a month ago.

We are waiting on the promised court filings and will post whatever we can so you can share in the lulz with us all.

stay tuned