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Something interesting is about to go here – maybe.  Something we’ve been working on for some time, but which is about to go live on the BV Files as soon as we iron out some kinks with the video files and other items – maybe.  But the WiFi from our hospital bed is really crappy as we constantly have to shift frequencies as we hide from process servers and news reporters from Rolling Stone magazine, as well as hide from our pregnant daughters who suddenly decide they want child support!  Talk about ungrateful!

So stay tuned – maybe.



Special UpdateUPDATE: 7/22/14 at 0300 hrs GMT.


Special happenings going on in a San Jose, CA courtroom today.  We confirmed this information by speaking to a source within the Santa Clara County Superior Court system.

It seems that rumors are true, Judge Derek Woodhouse has been removed from the case today by Presiding Judge Brian Walsh due to findings of bias and prejudice.  Apparently Judge Woodhouse’s man crush on Leiderman was a bit too much and way too obvious.  That, and the fact that Woodhouse failed to act in an independent and impartial manner consistent with the law, was his undoing.

In all four different briefs were filed today with several people showing up in person on behalf of the defendant to file documents challenging the court’s jurisdiction over this nonresident defendant and have sought an August 19th court hearing on the matter, as well as a continuance on the trial date.

Furthermore, the clerk said that they have been told to expect an anti-SLAPP motion soon, as well.  Which is yet another reason why the case was taken from Judge Woodhouse as he has no experience in California’s anti-SLAPP statutes.


Other expected challenges include motions to quash the summons due to improper service, motion to disqualify opposing counsel (as you can’t be both a witness and an attorney in the same case), and motion to require the plaintiff to post a cash bond.

According to courthouse sources it looks like the TRO trial won’t be held until mid-October at the earliest (assuming it even go forward at all).  But we don’t know that for certain yet.  This is just call going by what some person in the clerk’s office was able to tell us over the phone.

As soon as we get the court documents ourselves we will post them here so you all can enjoy the lulz!!




Oh, and as far as the other thing goes that we were gonna put here, things are still being mulled over.  After all, we aren’t James McGibney who just posts libelous garbage just because he can.  When we post garbage, we make certain that its not libelous. el oh el  #TickTock