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jamesmarinejpg-2529899_p9As unshocking and unsurprising as it may seem, it looks like James McGibney (who we don’t like), owner of the revenge porn & blackmail website Cheaterville.com has been lying about Brittany Retzlaff and has, it seems, been blackmailing her!



Before we get to the article, we want to make one thing absolutely clear:  We are not Thomas Retzlaff, or Neal Rauhauser, or Jo Jo Camp, or Lane Lipton, or Lora Lusher, or Matt Osborne, or Jennifer D’Allesandro, or Miss Anon News, or any of the ten other people you have claimed we are.  Just because we have obtained certain court documents does not mean that we are one of the participants in these lawsuits or TRO cases.  WE ARE NOT.  The court documents & transcripts that we have obtained are PUBLIC RECORDS freely available to any person on the street.  We got some of these ourselves.  Some were sent to us by people we know.  Some were sent to us by anonymous people.  Any attempt to hoodwink the judge by trying to use this blog or this article as “proof” that somehow these people are involved with the BV Files is a total lie.



We want to start off by saying that this article is a very long and complicated one.  But the story that we tell here is very simple:  James McGibney has been lying about Thomas Retzlaff and his daughter and how she came to be posted on the Cheaterville revenge porn website, and he is lying in court about his claims that Brittany is a “volunteer” employee for ViaView and is, thus, a proper party to the restraining order case.

We lay out the evidence for you in what we believe is a simple, logical, and easy to read format.  But we would strongly recommend that, after reading the article, that you take a moment to reflect on it and then re-read it.  In fact, read it three or four times, then come back in a few hours and read it again.  We are absolutely confident that if you do, you will also come to realize that James McGibney has been lying to you.  He has been lying to you about what happened and he has been lying to you about how he claims he can help you.  He has been feeding into your preconceived notions and has taken advantage of your good nature.  Seriously.

And if he is lying about this, what else is he also lying about?


As time passes, it is likely that we will update this article with new and important information.  We will notify you when we do so in an Update Notice posted right under this sentence here.  So keep checking back!


******  UPDATE NOTICE *****  See three updates placed within the article in about the middle. 7/5/14 at 0800 hrs GMT.

Also, be advised that we have already gone over the 750,000 total views mark!  Due to the links on many other websites, to include Wikipedia, we are reaching around 8,000 viewers each and every day!!  MANY THANKS TO EACH OF YOU WHO TAKE TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO COME HERE.



This is the post on Cheaterville that McGibney wants you and everyone else to believe was posted by Brittany’s father.  As you can see where we underlined, the post specifically accuses TR of having sex with his daughter Brittany in the very first sentence.

Cheaterville.com post

Cheaterville.com post


But then the question begs: Why would Thomas make a post about his daughter that also accuses himself of having sex with her?  After all, anyone who knows Brittany well enough to see this post (such as via a Google search of her name like what an old friend or relative would do) would know exactly who her father is.  So any friends or relatives of Brittany would see the accusation that she has been having sex with her father and would, quite naturally, think VERY BADLY of her father.

This is the exact equivalent of cutting off one’s nose to spite their face.  This Cheaterville post is actually a post against her father, not against Brittany herself.  This Cheaterville post hurts her father far more than it does Brittany.  After all, if a child is having sex with their parent, that child is a victim, right?  Even if they are 26 years old.  They are being abused by that parent.  So anyone reading this Cheaterville post will come to the conclusion that Thomas is a very bad person for sexually abusing his daughter.  They won’t think anything bad about Brittany as she is the victim!

It makes absolutely no sense for her father to have posted this as it hurts his reputation far more than it does Brittany’s.  And as Judge Judy often says: “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true!”

What we think is far more likely, and what makes the most sense, is that Brittany’s ex-husband has been very angry about the divorce and he blames her father for their splitting up or otherwise assisting Brittany in the divorce.  So by coming to Cheaterville (and other revenge porn websites) and making this post, he kills two birds with one stone.  He gets back at his ex- and he gets back at her father!


Now let us talk about the “evidence” that James McGibney claims he has that provides proof that it was TR who made this Cheaterville post.

CV IP Address post

This is straight from McGibney’s very own Bullyville article on TR that he has posted on his website.  With Cheaterville being a website owned and controlled by McGibney, it is quite natural that he would have possession of the IP address of the person who made the Brittany post, right?  And when McGibney created his TR article and put up all of that evidence, he wanted that evidence to be as compelling as possible so that people would believe him, right?  (Assuming that “evidence” is actually legitimate and not as FAKE as McGibney’s Chadwick University “degree”.)

In regards to the Brittany post, McGibney is even kind enough to provide us with the exact information we need to physically find where the person was who supposedly put up the Cheaterville post about Brittany what with his little charts and diagrams, and using whatever hacking skills he or his groupies possess.

But the problem is that the poster of the Brittany article was someone who posted it from a Dallas Fire Department fire station!  And it took us less than five minutes to figure this out and see that McGibney is full of shit when he accuses TR of doing this.  Like ex-felons are just hanging around Dallas fire stations and using their computers and internet.  Right….

Dallas Fire Department Station 47Dallas Fire Department Station  47 address

Either you believe everything that he says, or you can believe none of it, because if he is wrong about one thing, doesn’t that mean that he could also be wrong about the rest?  Or just making shit up, which is James McGibney’s usual method of operation.

Again, this is McGibney’s evidence here, not ours!  He is the one saying “This is the post and this is the IP address and physical location of the person who made this post.”


We would also like to draw your attention to the date of that Cheaterville post:  December 24, 2012, which is Christmas Eve.  We are absolutely willing to bet that Thomas has already secured affidavits from family members, as well as documents, that clearly establish that he wasn’t anywhere within 1,500 miles of Dallas, TX on that date.  And that on the date & time in question he was surrounded by family members and not anywhere near a computer.

Again, this is McGibney’s evidence here, not ours.


As another point in support of Thomas Retzlaff being the innocent victim of McGibney’s smear campaign, we would draw your attention to the divorce records of Brittany.  As you can see from this document right here below, Brittany filed for divorce on August 5, 2009.  You can even see it for yourself on the El Paso County TX District Court website.

Date Brittany filed for divorce

But, as you can plainly see right here below, copies of Brittany’s numerous sex tapes and nude photos started getting posted online on July 26, 2009 – just two weeks before she filed for divorce!

brittany nude pictures posting date

And here is where the first of her sex videos were posted, this one dated August 30, 2009, just a few days AFTER she filed for divorce!

Date of the posting of Brittany's sex videos

Does anyone here believe that any of this is a coincidence?  That these dates all just happened to coincide with one another is just the product of random chance, right?  And not because of the actions of an angry ex-husband all pissed off because his wife is leaving him, because ex-husbands (or ex-wives) wouldn’t do such things as post nude photos and sex tapes of the other on the internet.

Here are even more sex tapes posted here:

Date of the posting of Brittany's sex videos #2Date of the posting of Brittany's sex videos #3

In the past five years her photographs and videos have been passed around and reposted on numerous file sharing and torrent websites.  But as far as we can determine, the very first posting was here on July 25, 2009.

Now what motive would her father have for posting all of this stuff just days before and after Brittany files for divorce?  Recall that it was her husband who got caught cheating on Brittany and who got some other girl pregnant and who got Brittany deeply into debt at the young age of 21 years.

Yet McGibney would have us all believe that it was not her very bitter & angry ex-husband who did this (and who would have the ability and access to create sex videos with this girl), but that was her father instead.


Now McGibney’s “theory” is that Thomas is the one behind this because he was angry because his daughter married a non-white.  But if that is the case, then why would he have posted this stuff when she filed for divorce?  Wouldn’t he, instead, be happy for her and happy over the fact that she was leaving her cheating husband who stole money from her and who ruined her life?

As Judge Judy often says: “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true!”


And if McGibney’s “theory” is true, then why was it that McGibney himself bought up websites in Brittany’s name?

Whois Lookup for Brittany Retzlaff

Here is McGibney’s explanation:




As a commentator was quick to point out:

You mean you bought the website to PROTECT her?  Wow!  What an interesting concept.  Just like you are PROTECTING her brother with that website you also bought?  And her mother with that other website?  And her father with the two other websites?

I’ll bet Jeffery Dorrell is feeling very PROTECTED right now, as well, with the website that you bought in his name, too!  Same with all the 15 or 20 other people you bought websites in the name of.  Yes, they are all now PROTECTED by the great Jimmy McGibney – not!


McGibney, even your lies don’t make any sense!  You bought up websites in the names of Brittany’s entire family all within days of one another – as well as a website in the name of the Texas attorney who was hired to put a stop to your LOLsuit nonsense.  Here is the proof below – 100% VERIFIED (like McGibney always likes to say)!


In fact, James McGibney has a very long and well documented history of buying up websites so he can engage in blackmail, harassment, and extortion of his victims.  Again, here is the proof – 100% VERIFIED!


And here is where James McGibney, the supposed anti-bullying “advocate” and nice guy who just wants to help people, brags about how he is going to ruin these peoples’ lives and harass them.  Again, 100% VERIFIED.

BV Tweet Lusher website 10-29-1013



And here is James McGibney himself admitting that he is going to start a campaign of harassment & blackmail against Brittany’s own brother, Collin, by the use of the website he bought in Collin’s name.

Collin harassment



Maybe one of these days some of you stupid people out there will wise up.  JAMES MCGIBNEY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.  HE IS NOT YOUR SAVIOR.  HE IS NOT TRYING TO HELP YOU.  He is only in this for himself and he doesn’t give a fuck about you, your family, or how he uses you.  Seriously.



And in case you are not convinced of that fact, here are more words from the kind-hearted man who claims to be an anti-bullying advocate who just wants to help people.

6-1-13 violent threats6-3-13 violent threats8-12-13 violent threats8-14-13 violent threats8-24-13 violent threats10-24-13 violent threats

UPDATE:  Are you beginning to see a theme here?  McGibney’s method of operation is to make loud, public proclamations that he is going to destroy the lives of whatever enemy he is mad at.  He calls the person out by name in the most public manner possible and threatens them with destruction.  He has done this over & over so many times that Twitter finally got sick of his shit and banned his @Bullyville account.  So McGibney created a new account and promptly did the same thing.  And Twitter banned him.  To date, Twitter has banned 7 or 8 of his accounts because James McGibney is simply incapable of acting like a normal, rational human being in a civilized society.

As any of you that have been on Twitter know, a lot of freaky shit goes down on there.  Naked sex pictures.  Child porn.  Death threats.  Drug sales.  Links to pirated movies or MP3s.  All kinds of nasty and negative stuff.  So you can imagine that it takes some pretty awful behavior to get the attention of Twitter’s Ban Hammer.  And he’s got hit with it about eight times.


(Please click on the red hyperlinks below for further info)

Remember people – James McGibney is NOT an honest person! He has lied about his educational “credentials”.  He has lied about his FAKE Marine Corps medal claims.  He has lied to his creditors and others who have loaned him money.  He has lied to some of the people who invested in his ViaView revenge porn company (by telling them that it was only a ‘social media’ company).  He has submitted FALSE EVIDENCE in federal court.  He has lied to the news media.  And he also owns a REVENGE PORN WEBSITE.

He has even committed FELONY PERJURY while testifying in open court.  And if McGibney is willing to LIE in court in front of a judge, don’t you think he is going to lie to you, too?

Here is the proof right here in this article where McGibney was caught red-handed lying to the judge.  Click on me right here to read the entire article.

McGibney testimony_Page_1 McGibney testimony_Page_2 McGibney Testimony page 3



UPDATE:  See James McGibney completely lied when he said under oath that while he served in the Marines he provided computer security to US Embassies.  McGibney really was only a clerk-typist who had absolutely nothing to do with computers or computer security while in the Marines.  (Keep in mind he was in the Marines over 20 years ago when there really wasn’t an internet or need for cyber-security like there is now.)  His job was to arrange and type up the daily training schedule for students at a school he was assigned to.  He worked in the administration office as a secretary.  So when he claims under oath to have specialized computer knowledge HE WAS LYING AND COMMITTING FELONY PERJURY!

A man who is willing to lie in open court, right to the judge’s face, is not a man who can be trusted.






BE ADVISED:  We are not Thomas Retzlaff, or Neal Rauhauser, or Jo Jo Camp, or Lane Lipton, or Lora Lusher, or Matt Osborne, or Jennifer D’Allesandro, or Miss Anon News, or any of the ten other people you have claimed we are.  Just because we have obtained certain court documents does not mean that we are one of the participants in these lawsuits or TRO cases.  WE ARE NOT.  The court documents & transcripts that we have obtained are PUBLIC RECORDS freely available to any person on the street.  We got some of these ourselves.  Some were sent to us by people we know.  Some were sent to us by anonymous people.  Any attempt to hoodwink the judge by trying to use this blog or this article as “proof” that somehow these people are involved with the BV Files is a total lie.



We know for an absolute fact that James McGibney has lied about Brittany’s “involvement” with him and about his false claims that Brittany is a volunteer employee of ViaView.  We got the court reporter’s transcripts and we listened to the audio recording and saw the documents that Jay Leiderman tried to get sealed by the court.  And it’s all BULLSHIT (to use a technical legal term).  Seriously.


May 12 hearing 1


May 12 hearingMay 12 hearing #2(This reference above here to 527.8 refers to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 527.8, in which Leiderman is attempting to shoe-horn Brittany as a covered employee / volunteer of ViaView.)


May 12 hearing #3May 12 hearing #4


UPDATE:  So where is Brittany?  According to sources close to the investigation (which consist primarily of the voices in our head) the Branch Office for the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Lima, Peru is located at Av Cortijo # 329 in the Santiago de Surco district.  You can read more about them here:  http://www.datosperu.org/peru-asociacion-de-los-testigos-de-jehova.php



Fun Fact:  In order for someone to be classified as a “volunteer employee” there has to be a meeting of the minds or an agreement.  It cannot be a unilateral declaration made by one party without the full and express consent of the other party.





That’s right, folks.  Under regulations promulgated by the California Department of Industrial Relations – Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the definition of “volunteer” is very, very narrow.  The DLSE has long taken the position that a person can ONLY be classified as a “volunteer” when they work for a religious, charitable, or non-profit organization, and only so long as their services are for public service, religious, or humanitarian objectives and not as a part of ANY commercial enterprises.  This is in keeping with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

For purposes of this section, “volunteer” means an individual who performs work for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons for a public agency or corporation qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
Code as a tax-exempt organization, without promise, expectation, or
receipt of any compensation for work performed.

California Labor Code Section 1720.4

See also California Labor Code Section 3363.5.  Click here.  And also California Labor Code Section 3363.6.  Click here.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, ViaView, Inc. is clearly a commercial enterprise that offers its services to the general public with the goal of making a profit.  Despite McGibney’s claims that Cheaterville was established as a “public service”, under the law it is not a 501(c)(3) organization.  Is it, McStupid?


Thus, Brittany absolutely cannot be covered by any kind of restraining order or injunction.  The same holds true for each and every other ViaView “volunteer” that McGibney tries to claim.



One would like to think that a sharp attorney like Jay Leiderman would be familiar with basic employment law based on a US Supreme Court decision that is nearly 67 years old!  Or maybe, and more likely, Leiderman is just a lying sack of shit who doesn’t at all mind when he tells outright lies to a judge in open court.


HELPFUL HINT:  Just because someone forwards you emails of a person she is temporarily mad at (for whatever reason), does not somehow create a “volunteer employee” relationship within the law.  The legal definition of exactly who is and is not a “volunteer” is tightly controlled under the California Labor Code and Federal employment laws.  You don’t get to have your own personal definition of legal terms that are already strictly defined by statute.

Under the Labor Code, you do not get to choose how your employees are classified.  Their classification is strictly defined by the law, and the law is what controls.  Not your personal opinion, and certainly not the opinion of some small town judge in a TRO courtroom!


So how is it that McGibney’s was able to force Brittany to “cooperate” with him in his attack against her father, mother and brother?  Well it is not our position to have to prove or disprove anything.  so #GFY Cpt. Obvious.  But Brittany is clearly a member of a religious cult known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses that teaches their members to hate their family members who are not also members of their cult (they call those people “goats” and say that they are a part of the “system” and, thus, are prohibited from having any dealings with them at all).

Seriously.  If you have any dealings with “worldly people” (i.e. non-believing family members or “goats”) they will kick you out of their church – a process that is called disfellowshipping.  Which is yet another reason why Brittany could NEVER be classified as a “volunteer employee” for McGibney and ViaView as working for a revenge porn company would get her kicked out of her church in a heartbeat.  So whatever you people do, not not call the Jehovah’s Witness church in Lima up and complain!  And especially DO NOT contact the Jehovah’s Witness World Headquarters located at Jehovah’s Witnesses, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483, phone # 718-560-5000, to complain about Brittany Cintron in Lima, Peru.  You can read more about their discipline by clicking on me.


FUN FACT:  Since 1923 the Watchtower Society (i.e. Jehovah’s Witnesses) taught that society is separated into two groups, the sheep and the goats, as described in Matthew by Jesus.  How was Christ doing this? – by sending His witnesses (Jehovah’s Witnesses) from door to door all over the world with their “kingdom good news,” and the people divided themselves off into “sheep” and “goats” by how they responded to the Jehovah’s Witness message: those who accepted the “good news of the kingdom” became sheep, and those who opposed the message became goats.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are intensely proud of their part in fulfilling the parable of the sheep and goats.  In fact, they get great comfort from it.  How? The truth is that the door-to-door preaching work is very hard for the Witnesses; it puts a great strain on them because they never know what kind of reception they will receive at each door.  They can encounter extreme rudeness, anger, bad language, threats, dogs being set on them, and, worst of all, complete indifference and lack of interest at door after door after door.  It is indeed very wearisome labor for them most of the time.

Witnesses could go from door to door, hour after hour, day after day, with absolutely no results to show for it.  After a typical day like that, the Jehovah’s Witnesses would get together and one would say, “Oh they’re nothing but a bunch of goats in this neighborhood,” and others would readily agree.  Then someone would say, “Well, brothers, at least we are doing Jehovah’s will and we are fulfilling Bible prophecy by separating the sheep from the goats.”  Then everyone would feel much better about the wasted day’s activity.  Each Witness then would feel a sense of personal importance instead of personal failure.


That right there should tell you what her mental state is.  So could there be issues of mental illness or substance abuse involved?  We don’t know.  Could McGibney have contacted her, taken advantage of her likely mental illness / substance abuse issues and made wild and ridiculous accusations about her father?  We don’t know.


Or could he have threatened her by saying if you don’t give me what I want, I am going to post your naked pictures & sex videos up on a website that I am creating in your name so that your life will be ruined unless you do what I want you to – which is exactly what I have done to 15 other people!

We report you decide


As further support of our James McGibney is blackmailing Brittany theory (or at the very least, is lying to her), we will show you this post put up by James McGibney of Brittany’s mother on his Cheaterville.com revenge porn website.

Denise Hollas on Cheaterville July 4 2014_Page_1

Now as has already been established by James McGibney himself in numerous news interviews about Cheaterville, as well as the Cheaterville Terms of Service, ALL postings to Cheaterville are reviewed beforehand and have to be personally approved by James McGibney himself before they go up.

In order to post something on Cheaterviile, one is required to create an account using a valid email address.  They then create a post and upload the photographs.  It is personally examined by James McGibney and either approved or disapproved.

Cheaterville Terms of Service

Cheaterville Terms of Service

Nov 2011 Houston TV interview with McGibney

Nov 2011 Houston TV interview with McGibney


It seems obvious to us that Brittany has been having some second thoughts about “volunteering” for ViaView and working with James McGibney.  We feel that this is an obvious example of his attempting to put some pressure on her and to try to get her to do what he wants her to do.

But really, what’s the point?  Nothing at all that she says can be relevant to the issue as to whether or not McGibney is entitled to a Restraining Order for Workplace Violence.  McGibney has to establish proof that Retzlaff has sent him death threats.  Assuming that Retzlaff has been talking trash about McGibney with his daughter, that has nothing to do with whether or not McGibney can prove that TR personally sent James McGibney a death threat.  Thomas might be a bad person who said or did some mean things to people.  But McGibney has yet to prove that he did any of these things to McGibney himself.

And if McGibney had any actionable proof that Thomas was involved, then why haven’t the cops scooped him up?  Why haven’t they at least spoken to him, either in person or on the phone, in all of these past eight months during which McGibney has claimed he has been subjected to “consent death threats.”

The reason is because Det. Nathaniel Braxton of the San Jose Police Department has already looked into McGibney’s allegations and found them to be completely and totally bogus, without any evidence whatsoever.  Seriously.


Now, again, we would urge you to sit back a moment and reflect upon what we wrote here.  Read it again.  Then come back in a couple of hours and read it some more.  You don’t have to believe anything that we are saying here because the “evidence” we posted isn’t ours.  It all comes straight from the mouth of James McGibney and his Bullyville articles.  It also comes from Google, so you can easily duplicate our efforts here in your own home and see for yourself that this place is a Dallas Fire Station, and that these videos were all posted at the same time Brittany filed for divorce, and that California law doesn’t allow you to call someone a volunteer if your company is not a 501(c)(3) or non-profit organization.

You can also see that the only one buying up websites in the names of your family members and harassing people is James McGibney & Company.



The following video of James McGibney is courtesy of our good friend and honorary Admin of the BV Files Matt Osborne (@OsborneInk).  If your parole officer approves, and if you have internet access, please follow him on Twitter.  https://twitter.com/OsborneInk