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Good day, eh.  Well today’s topic is a double-feature presentation: “Carolyn Joy Dean-Pillutla cries to the police with a bogus police report” and “Who is @CJWhoDunIt and why did she help hack our blog?




Special Update

SPECIAL UPDATE#3 at bottom of article!!  6/26/14 at 1845 hrs GMT.



We have included herein some BOGUS police reports she filed with the Allen, TX Police Department, as well as court papers showing that she is in conspiracy with a group of internet hackers, trolls, and other retards (to use a specialized term we learned in cooking school).  She has allied herself with well-known revenge pornographer James McGibney (who we don’t like) and his Twitter side-kick Capt. Obvious, as well as McGibney’s California attorney Jason (Jay) Leiderman.  She has been working with Leiderman to have a man wrongly incarcerated by filing allegedly FALSE police reports against him and she has sent correspondences to the judge in that case in an effort to have Joseph (Jo Jo) Camp locked up.




There is WIDESPREAD interest in this blog and in what we have to say here!!  People all over the country – in fact, ALL OVER THE WORLD, are coming here to hear the Truth about McGibney and ViaView.  That it is not just seven or eight people who care about this subject, but that it is THOUSANDS OF YOU.

You have come here not only expecting the Truth, but demanding the Truth.  And you deserve no less.  The Truth is what you get – 100% VERIFIED.

So many thanks to you, our teeming MILLIONS of readers, listeners, and supporters!!

— The BV Files Admins



First off, we hope that we have been clear here from the beginning:  We are totally NOT interested in Kate Gosselin or any of the alleged drama surrounding her, her 17 kids, that TV show, or her ex-husband Jon.  BUT, we would be remiss if we just totally ignored her or her impact (for lack of a better term) on the whole James McGibney (who we don’t like) nonsense.

From what we gather, and without going into too much detail (because we really do not care), James McGibney was basically able to put his Bullyville website on the map on account of him stepping into a beef between Kate Gosselin and fans of her show.  We have no idea as to whether Kate requested McGibney’s “assistance” or whether McGibney just saw an opportunity and decided to butt his nose into something (which we believe is most likely).

In any event, either way, McGibney has interjected himself into all this Kate Gosselin BULLSHIT (to use a legal term from a law book we once saw somewhere) as some kind of Internet White Knight looking to save girls.  Just Google the terms “Kate Gosselin” “James McGibney” and you will find literally TONS of news articles about how McGibney (who we don’t like) and his Bullyville site are coming to her rescue.

white knight

We recently heard a pretty decent account of this situation by a guy named Lee Stranahan.  He did a some web audio programs in February and April 2013 about McGibney’s involvement with Kate Gosselin, KY Anonymous, and the Steubenville rape case.  It’s pretty cool and we would urge you to take a brief moment to listen to them – seriously.  (Beware, he tends to go off on random, boring tangents.  So you might want to fast forward over those parts).  Also, be advised that until a couple of months ago we have never heard of Lee Stranahan.  We are serious about that.  We know nothing of his past or present or whether or not he is or is not a lunatic.  But he does tell a good story.

Now we gather from listening to these pod casts that he has some kind of beef with McGibney about someone calling him a meth addict and stuff like that.  WE DON’T CARE.  But he does make some really insightful analysis into McGibney and his motives for getting involved here, and the marketing genius that was ViaView.  (At least it seems that way to us, the uninformed.  To those of you in the know, he might be full of shit.  If so, please let us know!)


FUN FACT:  Notice how Stranahan makes note of all the ads on Cheaterville.  Obviously the pod cast was done before WE got involved and turned all of McGibney’s stupid little ville’s into one big advertising ghost town!  lol




Then there are also all the media stories about how McGibney is going to identify and out all the people who said mean things about Kate Gosselin and that he was filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against ANYONE who ever said anything mean about Kate Gosselin (which went nowhere).  See, e.g., http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/04/kate-gosselin-class-action-bullyville/

Priest parody

So now we come to a person who goes by the twitter handle @CHWhoDunit (https://twitter.com/CJWhodunit).

We know nothing of her or her involvement (if any) either for or against Kate Gosselin.  But what we do know is that on March 7, 2014, she tweeted this:

CJ spoof

Now on the face of it, it looked like a pretty reasonable, normal retweet of something that someone else had said.  But as you can see on closer look, the URL for our website was subtly changed with the addition of a capital letter “I” instead of our lower-case letter “l”.  Our site bvfiles.wordpress.com was changed to bvfiIes.wordpress.com.

As a direct result of @CJWhodunit’s post, James McGibney (who we don’t like) was apparently able to set up a honey pot to trap the IP’s of unsuspecting people who came looking for this site, but instead got directed to McGibney’s honey pot!

In fact, McGibney himself was very boastful about it when he claimed to have hacked into this website and stole the IP addresses of our visitors in this twitter post below which he posted just ONE HOUR after @CJWhodunit made her post:

McGibney tweet from March 7, 2014

McGibney tweet from March 7, 2014


So we wonder:

  1. Why would @CJWhodunit do something like that?
  2. Upon whose instructions was she acting on?
  3. And to what purpose?


Well according to a recent court filing in the James McGibney vs The Internets LOLsuit in San Jose, we know now the how & why McGibney & Company basically attempted to hack this site.  It was done specifically so they could trick an unsuspecting person into trying to log onto the website and, thus, reveal their true IP.  We here at the BV Files are not sure, but isn’t it a violation of a federal law somewhere to knowingly creating a trick or spoof website so that you can grab people’s personal information?  Maybe it isn’t.  We don’t care.  The bottom line is that this just shows how very, very stupid McGibney and his lawyer are (not to mention desperate).  Like any of the admins here don’t know our own URL and would fall for such a stupid trick to begin with.  Whatever.  Here below is what they did and how they did it.

FUN FACT:  If you don’t think any of the defendants in the LOLsuits will use this as a hook for discovering the true identity of Cpt. Obvious or any of James McGibney’s other E-thugs and henchmen, you’re nuts!  After all, the “who, what, where, when, why and how” the information that was used to identify the defendant is most clearly relevant.  Thus, McGibney will have to produce it.  Thanks, McGibney, for giving us an opening into ID’ing your side-kick!


BV Files hack 1BV Files hack 2BV Files hack 3

So who, exactly, is this CJWhodunit person?  We don’t know.  We’ve never heard of her before just a few months ago.  We don’t follower her on Twitter.  And we could careless about all the Kate Gosselin drama she is supposedly involved in – until now.  So the only things that we do know are just the bare facts:

Is she mentally ill?

Is she mentally ill?

Her full name is Carolyne Joy Dean-Pillutla.  She is 52 years old.  Was born on October 4, 1961, and lives at 1616 Clear Springs Dr., Allen, TX 75002-0631 with a 46 year old man named Ramesh R. Pillutla, who supposedly works for CISCO in San Jose, CA (where Mc-Stupid lives).  They have lived here since February 2004 when they bought the house brand new.  It’s a cookie-cutter house on a small lot next to a pretty cool looking park.

At one point, and even perhaps right now, Ms. Dean-Pillutla has claimed to be the victim of an internet bullying campaign.  You can read her side about it in the link below.  BE ADVISED that the document is like 30 pages long filled with all kinds of Ted Kaczynski like crap that gave one of the proof readers here headaches from trying to follow the line of reasoning (or lack thereof) the author was trying to express.  So don’t click on it unless you want to see like 14 MB of nonsense!

CaptureAnatomy of a Twitter Smear Campaign _ Cyberswatting _ Faux Reality Entertain

PIECE OF ADVICE:  This person is obviously butt-hurt over things people may or may not have said about her on Twitter.  So what?  Nothing anybody says about you on twitter matters in real life (unless the person tweeting about you is named “@NYTimes or something).  So who gives a fuck?  Get a life, people!!

So with her being the supposed victim of internet bullying, why would she turn around and be a part of a act of what we consider bullying her own self?  And why would she make FALSE police reports against Jo Jo Camp, a young man who lives thousands of miles away from her and never met her in his life?

But other than basic stuff like that bio info above from the databases (and a bunch of other stuff that’s completely irrelevant), we don’t know who she is or why she would get involved in trying to intimidate people and scare people away from coming here.  Because that is exactly what that was!  Otherwise, why else would McGibney have made that post and claimed to have hacked into our blog and get YOUR IP addresses other than to try to scare you away from the Truth?!?

Kate Gosselin bookhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2667590/EXCLUSIVE-Inside-Kate-Gosselins-House-Horrors-plot-pregnant-sextuplets-control-spankings-kids-suspected-affair-bodyguard-destroyed-marriage-revealed-bombshell-new-book.html




Here is Dean-Pillutla and her daughter Maya wishing Kate Gosselin a Happy Birthday – like Gosselin really cares what some random retard thinks.  These two people are really, really weird and it is bizarre and disturbing watching this mother apparently infecting her daughter with her mental illness / craziness.  Seriously.





Here are some posts made by Dean-Pillutla in which she threatens people with getting V& (or “vanned” (i.e. arrested by cops raiding your house) for u n00bs – see http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Vanned)


CJ threatens Vans

Guess the cops decided not to show after all, eh.

Guess the cops decided not to show after all, eh.


Funny, but when we personally called CISCO's HR Dept about 5 months ago, in an email they claimnever to have never heard of McGibney and no one by that name works there.  Seriously.

Funny, but when we personally called CISCO’s HR Dept about 5 months ago, in an email response they claim never to have heard of McGibney and no one by that name works there. Seriously.


You mean their articles about the Downfall of McGibney?  Yeah, can't wait to see them, either!

You mean their articles about the Downfall of McGibney? Yeah, can’t wait to see them, either!


Only losers pray to invisible sky beings.  Seriously.  Don't believe us?  Just ask 7 million Jews.

Only losers pray to invisible sky beings. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Just ask 7 million Jews.



FUN FACT:  Lee Stranahan says that McGibney’s Cheaterville website is very similar to Hunter Moore’s revenge porn sites.  He also calls Cheaterville “Crowd Sourced Blackmail” and that McGibney is profiting from BLACKMAIL off of his version of the Hunter Moore Take Down Hammer.  He also said that Cheaterville was specifically set up to defame people.  And that McGibney is a coward and is, himself, a bully!  But that we already know, don’t we Dear Readers?

We’ve never heard of Stranahan before today, but we’re already starting to like him!!


So now let’s talk a moment about Dean-Pillutla and her FALSE police reports.  A very good friend of the BV Files took time out of his busy work day to pay a personal visit to the Allen, TX police department to obtain a police report filed by Dean-Pillutla in which this piece of human garbage cries about how mean we are at the BV Files and how the cops need to do something about it and our meanness.

Personally, and officially, we don’t give two shits about Dean-Pillutla’s butt-hurt and we would encourage anyone with a beef against her to make it known and to let her husband know (like he already doesn’t) what a piece of garbage she is.

Hey McGibney!  #GFY  You ain’t in charge of the internet and what people can or cannot say.  If you don’t like it, call the cops!!  Punk.

Allen PD report (2)Allen PD report (1)

Here you can read a letter she wrote, in conspiracy with Jay Leiderman, to the judge in the Jo Jo Camp case.  Again, it is clear that she is a piece of human garbage.

CJ letter to judge (2)CJ letter to judge (1)


SPECIAL UPDATE #3:  CJ has made repeated references to claims that she has specialized software on her computer that allows her to somehow capture and track IP addresses so that she can identify specific persons and their physical locations.  Such as what was used here below in the federal LOLsuit in which James Mc-Stupid claims to have figured out that Lane Lipton is an Admin of the BV Files website.

BV IP False Detection

Now keep in mind that NONE of this “information” was ever obtained from WordPress, legally or otherwise.  This is just “information” completely fabricated by James McGibney and submitted as FALSE EVIDENCE in the federal LOLsuit.  BUT… (and there’s always a “but” isn’t there?), but if you look closely on the top left corner you can see this StatCounter IP tracking software is being used by CJ.

Would an “innocent married mother of three children”, who also happens to be pretty old and way over the age of 45, really know how to install and use stuff like this?

Or is it more likely that a trained software engineer would?

As you know, her husband is Ramesh Pillutla and he works for CISCO.


He recently wrote a pretty impressive PowerPoint presentation about Carrier Packet Transport System that deals with blah blah blah nerd speak i gots headaches now boring shit who cares, that is really interesting and you should totally read it all!

Ramesh Pillutla – CISCO Paper

He also has some patents in a bunch of nerd stuff we don’t care about.

Patents by Inventor Ramesh Pillutla - Justia Patents Database

So we wonder could he be involved in all of this stalking and other crazy nonsense?  We do know, after all, that he was involved in the Allen, TX police report against Jo Jo Camp somehow or another.

What do you guys think?