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Good day, eh.  Well today’s topic is: How much money do you think James McGibney has stolen from his creditors when he filed for bankruptcy or has flat out failed to pay his bills?

While we are waiting on a ruling in the Texas lawsuit, we thought we would repost this article that originally appeared on March 26, 2014.  We have updated it to include materials related to McGibney’s first bankruptcy filing, as well as information relating to numerous lawsuits filed against McGibney in the state of Ohio.

James McGibney (who we don't like)

James McGibney (who we don’t like)


flush money toilet



The bottom line is that, in our completely unexpert, expert opinion: if you loan this man any money or if you agree to invest in anything he is involved in, you might as well flush your monies down the toilet because you will never see them again.  Seriously.





So how much money do you think that James McGibney has failed to pay back to the creditors – to include his own family members?

We will provide you with the court documents and you will then have an opportunity to calculate just how much, exactly, did James McGibney (who we don’t like) steal from his creditors when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on two separate occasions or when he has been sued multiple times.  These creditors loaned money to McGibney in good faith based upon McGibney’s representations and promises that he would pay them back.  Of course, one can argue that anyone who does anything based upon promises made by McGibney should have known better and got what they deserve, just remember – its people like us who own stock in these banks and companies that McGibney screwed over!!!!!

Whoever gets closest to the correct number, we will donate $20,000 in your name to Bullyville’s St. Jude charity T-shirts.

Bullyville & St JudesBullyville & St Judes #2Or we might just pocket the money for ourselves and spend it on strippers, crappy tattoos and stuff like that.


So here are the court documents.  Time to get your pencils, note papers, and calculators out people!


FUN FACT:  Having a bankruptcy on your record, (which McGibney did from when he filed his first of two Chapter 7 bankruptcies in Nov 1994) is a MAJOR disqualifier.  DOD (Department of Defense) Directive 5220.6 covers all matters regarding security clearances for the government.  Guideline F is the applicable provision regarding financial affairs to determine whether there will be a potential problem.  See more here on page 30: http://www.dod.mil/dodgc/doha/DoD_Directive_5220_6.pdf

We only mention this because McGibney, in numerous statements to the press, tries to claim how he was a Marine Security Guard (which is an Embassy guard) and how he was in charge of computer security at all US Embassies worldwide, both of which are jobs that require security clearances which McGibney clearly appears ineligible for.  See, e.g., our article https://viaviewfiles.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/james-mcgibney-is-guilty-of-stolen-valor-100-verified/



McGibney 1994 Bankruptcy Docs - discharge McGibney 1994 Bankruptcy Docs pg 1









Here are the documents from his first bankruptcy:  McGibney 1994 Bankruptcy Docs – Copy

Creditors Report


BV serial deadbeat

Here are records from several lawsuits that McGibney was involved in while he lived in Ohio.

FCMC Public Records Portal

FCMC Public Records Portal 2

FCMC Public Records Portal 3

FCMC Public Records Portal 4

One of the lawsuits involves an eviction.  Maybe this explains why McGibney enlisted in the US Marine Corps in September 1992 from Columbus, OH.


What to say if McGibney wants to borrow some money

What to say if McGibney wants to borrow some money


And now we get to the final bankruptcy filing in January 2009.

bankruptcy discharge order_Page_1McGibney Bankruptcy Petition pg 1










Here are the documents from the second bankruptcy:  McGibney 2009 Bankruptcy Petition


bankruptcy payment matrix pg 1

bankruptcy payment matrix

2009 bankruptcy discharge order


As an aside, it also appears that his wife, Christina Orduna McGibney, has her own financial mismanagement history (to put it lightly).




We want to make it clear that we are not just posting this stuff just to post stuff.  There isn’t a person on this planet who has not had financial problems at one point or another in their life.  And far be it from us, the Admins at the BV Files, to throw stones at someone who had a bit of some bad luck.  But in McGibney’s case this isn’t just a “string of bad luck”, in our opinion.  This is complete ineptitude at being able to manage ones finances starting at a very early age.

Managing your finances is a basic life skill that everyone needs to master.  Otherwise, you will end up in disaster!

But James McGibney (who we don’t like) has been putting his face out there in the public spot light to publicly slam people who don’t live “the right kind of life” (according to McGibney).  He uses his Bullyville website and former Twitter account (until he got banned) to blast out the names of people whom he accuses of being deadbeat dads or other miscreants (in his opinion).

Yet McGibney owns a revenge porn website!  He is a serial resume fraudster!  He failed to pay his own debts!  Who the heck is he to be throwing stones at people and what qualifications does he have for telling me how I ought to be living my life?